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Charging and Remissions policy


In school hours, in any activity involving a journey out of school or a visit away from school premises, no charge is made for transport. No charge is made for equipment, books or materials which the child may use during the course of such a journey or visit. However, voluntary contributions are invited from the child’s parents or guardians. Advice is given on the cost of such visits or journeys. All contributions are accepted but no child will be excluded if he/she does not make a contribution and those children whose parents receive Family Income Support are exempt (although they may contribute if they wish to). If insufficient contributions are received then the school reserves the right to cancel such a trip.


On any visit or journey out of school hours, which is neither essential to fulfil the statutory duties of the school, nor essential to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum, charges will be made. These will include expenses for travel, books, materials and equipment used, board and lodgings where applicable, non-teaching staff costs and the costs of any staff engaged specifically for the purpose of providing the activity. In the event of such an out of school activity being organised parents/ guardians will be free to choose whether their child should or should not participate. If they wish their child to be included in such activity they must be willing to meet such charges as are made.


Remissions as a result of non-attendance may be at the discretion of the Governing Body.


Charges may be made for activities taking place after school which are not part of the curriculum.


School may charge for ingredients/ materials for practical subjects where parents indicate that they wish to own the finished product eg Christmas cakes.


Charges will be made for attendance at the Out of School Club which operates before and after school and during the school holidays.


School may make charges for any additional hours provided in the nursery class over and above the free entitlement (15 hours per week). Parents will be advised in writing of any charges in advance.


This policy was reviewed January 2018

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