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Medication and Illness


When children start school parents are asked to complete an admissions form providing any medical history and allergies. It is vitally important that we should be made aware of this information and it must be kept up to date along with emergency contact details.


Occasionally children become unwell while at school. In order to minimise their distress we will contact you as soon as possible so that you can make arrangements for their collection.


In the event of an outbreak of Rubella (German Measles) in school, you will be informed by the posting of large notices in the staffroom and infant classroom windows, clearly visible from the playground, so that mothers in the early months of pregnancy can avoid contact.


For your guidance the following is a list of the most common notifiable diseases/infections together with a minimum period of exclusion from school.


Chicken Pox Five days from onset of rash
German Measles Six days from onset of rash
Impetigo/Scabies Until skin has healed or 48 hours after antibiotic treatment
Headlice/Nits Until after treatment - only where headlice are seen - please remember to check your childs head reguarlarly
Measles Four days from onset of rash
Mumps Five days from onset of swollen glands
Diarrhoea/vomiting 48 hours after diarrhoea and vomiting has settled


The School Nurse monitors the health and development of the children. Parents may get advice from the School Nurse who can be contacted through the Richmond Clinic or through the school.


If your child has a medical problem, for example a speech or hearing problem, or a sustained period of ill-health, parents should contact the Headteacher who will advise them as to the best course of action.


The Headteacher and staff are always willing to discuss with parents any problems concerning children and their home life as these may often affect the children in school.

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